A Change of Focus

Oak Funeral services has just celebrated it’s 5th birthday since its inception in November 2012.

In 2014, South West Cremations came into being to meet a local need for a simpler low cost alternative, a Direct cremation.  At the time there were only a handful of companies offering this kind of service and we were able to put together an offering that seemed to meet a growing demand for an alternative to the ever greedy and cash focused corporations as well as local independent “fat cats”.


Fast forward to November 2017 and the awareness of Direct Cremation services is now very much in the focus of the moment.    A quick search on google for ‘low cost cremation’, ‘cheap funeral’ or any other cost saving keyword will result in not only page after page of search results from every undertaker under the sun, but also dozens of Internet based companies looking to make a quick buck and profit from another new market opportunity.


But whilst we’ve certainly benefited from the growth in the requirement for a direct cremation, we’ve also seen a big push back on traditional funeral pricing, almost as a direct result.


If I can have a unattended cremation service for as little as £1000-£1400,  why are the same companies, charging me £2, £3 or £4000+ for 30 minutes in the crematorium chapel???


It’s not costing the crematorium any more, maybe an extra £2-300 charge to the Funeral Director for a service later in the day.


So why the 2-300% change in price?


Well, I reckon that’s a pretty fair question.

So why not have an “attended direct cremation”?     Let’s call it a “Simple Cremation”

Join us at the crematorium to come and say your last good bye.  Sit in the chapel for a few minutes, perhaps listen to a favourite or special piece of music before saying your last farewell and leaving with a sense of closure and dignity.

So if we can offer that, Why couldn’t we hold a small service?  Keep it in the morning to keep costs down, Our own celebrant to officiate.  a dozen order of service booklets included.

We’re driving to the crem anyway, so it costs no more or less to use the hearse instead of the unmarked vehicle.

…and so the Simple Cremation and the “Enhanced” Simple Cremation packaged services were born.

A choice  £1195   or   £1650  fixed price package.

I’d rather arrange 10 low cost, low margin funerals and sleep at night, than 1 or 2 ridiculously expensive ones, knowing full well I was targeting £1-2K pure profit margin.

I guess to some people, that’s ok.  It’s what their in business for I suppose.

Me, I’d rather sleep with a clear conscience




The price of an unattended cremation is kept low because we pass on the cost benefits of the savings the crematorium offer when booking an early morning service time - usually before 9 am.

* Excluding doctors fees and excess travel as this is not always required..



A Simple or “Attended” Cremation is an opportunity for family and friends to join us at the crematorium so that you can be there if you wish to say your last goodbye in the time you need.



With a Simple Family Cremation Service, you can join us at the Crematorium and hold your own private funeral service in whatever way is fitting for the memory and character of your loved one.


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0225 251900

We personally answer your call 24/7

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