Les Harries

17 April 1940 – 19 October 2021

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Anyone who knew our dad knew he was a sportsman through and through, and in the best and truest sense.

He loved to compete and to win of course, but NEVER at the expense of fair play and respect for others. He would always root for the underdog. He would always look for some way to win by excelling, by his own skill and determination.

Dad was the most honest, straightforward and decent man. He valued honesty and we cannot recall of a time when he told a lie – it is possible that he was not capable of it! We recall a time when playing a party game of clever deceit and trickery where you work together to establish which members of the group are the “Mafia” working against the others. When asked straight out if he was ‘Mafia’ dad would give it away by simply refusing to answer, unwilling to say he wasn’t when he was!

He held traditional values and deplored the use of ‘bad’ language. Growing up you knew when he had a very poor opinion of someone’s behaviour when he would resort to the use of ‘fathead’ as his chosen, withering insult.

If this makes him sound dry and boring then you really didn’t know our dad. He had a sharp mind and a keen sense of humour, and if something tickled his fancy he would chuckle with such a genuine pleasure it was a joy to behold.

As a great appreciator of his wit and perception Dad would agree that:

“Golf… is the infallible test. The man who can go into a patch of rough alone, with the knowledge that only God is watching him, and play his ball where it lies, is the man who will serve you faithfully and well.” – P.G. Wodehouse

This is how we will remember our dad.


  1. Chris and Helen Allen

    We were privileged to know Les for only a short 16 years but in that time we were able to cram many happy and fun moments that will live with us forever.
    Les was everything we, as sportsmen, aspire to be but never quite made it. Les not only made it but excelled in every way.
    We will miss you Les, as a friend and as a golfing partner.
    RIP dear friend

  2. Dean Makhni

    I remember how he had all of our photos on his computer when we would go to visit.

  3. Manjit Makhni

    I remember him with a smile on his face, always so calm and measured. He did get angry sometimes though when watching the football on t.v. He really didn’t like when he saw players diving and would express his displeasure to the t.v.

  4. Rishi Makhni

    I remember playing golf with him (pitch and putt at Central Park). He was trying to show me how to play. He was always very positive and I played better when I was with him.

  5. Graham Lane

    Great friend through Lloyd’s Bank & years of golf together. A true gentleman & very good sportsman. He will be greatly missed.


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