Matthew Barratt

February 12th 1968 – November 14th 2021

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From David

I know you danced in this world for a short time but you made the most of it. Always remembered never forgotten, you always lit up a room which will now be forever duller.

Love Dave, Lee, Paul, Ayz Niall, Freya, Leon x

From Rachel

I never thought i’d ever have to write this as I always thought you’d be around forever

I lost a best friend and a big brother my heart is completely broken my head is shot to pieces,

You’ve been apart of my life and family for like forever you became my big brother always there when I needed to chat

When I needed hug when I needed a laugh,

You always believed in me and encouraged me to be the best

You looked out for my boy and you had time for my girls

We had so many great amazing special times together

 I am so grateful I got to spend a lovely week with you when you came up to mine a few weeks ago

I really struggled to get my head around the fact that I was never going to see you again

I feel like a massive piece of me has been taken away I am going to miss you so much I will never forget you ever Matty B

I love you xxxxxxxxxx

From Gypsey

Mate you really don’t know how much you are going to be missed. Thankyou for being my best friend , for sharing your love with me , always being there for me and my girls, you will be greatly remembered by all of us. we love you mate. i’ve shared so many beautiful, fun ,crazy times with you over the years. and i will remember them all with great joy and much love in my heart. you were the kindest most thoughtful friend i could ever have wished for and it breaks my heart to have to say good bye to you so soon. i will cherish all the memories we have together until we meet each other again, goodnight my friend , sweet dreams xx


    • tom gill

      my thoughts are with you on this sad day

  1. Barry Donbavand

    Sobbing away listening to the music and reading the obituaries. A lot of broken hearts for you big lad. Sleep tight my friend… One step beyond 🎶🎵🎶

    • Anne nettlefold

      Matt I have no words for how l feel. To not see you around just doesn’t seem right no hi how are you hugs no more seeing you at festivals, no more of your laughter, l don’t think you would even realise how much your going to be missed by all who knew you. Taken too soon. Luv ya Matty.

      • Megan

        Matty, there are no words to express how much you will be missed. I will remember the good times we had and smile. Always your weather fairy xx

    • Jess smith

      Rip uncle Matt! U was one hell of a kind.. with a gentle funny soul!.. will miss u and will never forget u! Love u xxxx

      • Larry

        Mate you welcomed me into your home and we played cards and raised a glass for my dad on the hardest day of my life. I will never forget that memory. Sleep peacefully my mate x

  2. Susie Edwards

    I’ve known you matt since. You were a young boy.. Always. Loved your vigor for life. Will be greatly missed.. Lov ya always. At peace. With mum and dad xx. Susie.

    • Lesley Mansell

      Dear Matt I knew you as Dave’s little brother full of life and fun. There are no words to describe how much you will be missed by all your family and friends. Taken much to soon. RIP young man fly high. Lot’s of love 💗 xx

  3. Kev Wheeler

    You were something special bruv! The laughter you caused was constantly contagious. Fair to say you left your mark and will be remembered by so many. Didn’t expect you to move on so quick. See you when I catch up!

  4. Sparkly Pa.

    Gonna be missed Matt.
    So many crazy times.
    Keep sprinkling the glitter mate.

    • Elizabeth Wallace

      Goodbye Matt. We will miss you. Love from Ian and Elizabeth xx

  5. Kevin Hart

    Thank you for all the laughs we had.
    Rest in peace big man.
    Love Hamish the jock xxx

  6. Rebecca Adams

    Matty to say that you will be missed is a huge understatement! You have touched so many hearts and minds. I will miss all your warm, kindness and the laughter and joy that you brought to all around you!

    You were an angel on earth and now are an angel in heaven! So sorry I can’t make it to give you a send off but you will be in my mind forever more! Rest in Peace lovely ❤️ Xx

    • carol jones

      carol jone

  7. Kerry Sudbury

    Ah Matty. So sad. Your presence will be so missed. Such a genuine and fun soul. So many crazy memories with you. I am so glad you were in my life. We had some great heart to hearts too. I shall miss seeing you this Christmas. I shall carry you in my heart and dance for you. You were a top dude. Sending big love to you and prayers to you and yours. I hope you come meet me when my time comes x

    • Sarah Donbavand

      Matt xx you are a big man with a big heart and even bigger hugs .. you will be missed by alot of family and friends .. keeping on laughing

      • Carol

        Carry on dancing in the sky. I will love and miss you forever. Our memories are always the best fun. Goodnight my friend 🖤💙❤ xxxxxx

  8. Ian Hawkins

    I haven’t really spoken or had much to say as I don’t know where to start… we have has so many good times and I will keep the memories with me forever.. your name will still be heard as we talk and tell tales of the parties and mischief that we caused.

    Thank you and see you again.. hopefully not too soon


    • Natasha Bain

      Matty. B. A dear loss to us all. You were a fine man & a true gent too. I’ll always remember you by your biggest heart & always looking out for others in a way that always made things better. & you always knew how bring happiness to each and every one you met. Thank you Matty for being a true friend to me. I will cherish every memory we shared forever Mate. Lots of love. Tasha xxx

  9. Apeil

    We’re to start always made me laugh and always talked about how our families we’re friends ur mum and dad my man and grandad ur be missed so much by many god bless sleep well friend

  10. Ian Nettlefold

    Matty x
    No word’s can say how much you will be missed. One of the last things you said to me was your a brother and part of the family.
    May I always be and our hearts will never be whole again.

    Good night big fella and little
    Brother x

    • Carman davidge

      Thankyou for the good times my friend! Peace and love✌🏾❤

  11. Sarah

    Dear Matt, beautiful soul 🤍 going back to the universal life force energy to live in love joy and peace for all eternity 🙏

    • Sami

      Matty where do I start!! Thankyou for coming into our lives and showing us how to smile and laugh again at a time in our lives when we needed just that! I will always think of you with a dear smile. One in a million bro you really are. All our love bro forever xxxxx

  12. Lee Martin

    Mr B

    There was never a dull moment when you were about and so so many memories of endless fun and giggles that I will never forget.. you will always be with us no matter where or what we’re doing. Love you brother

    • Pete Western

      Well Matt, you were a grafter and a good laugh at Taunton Cider, when that went , unfortunately we never saw each other again ? That’s my loss , rest in peace my friend.

      • Mike Brooks

        From the first time I met you nearly 25 years ago, we had the most incredible friendship, you opened your heart to your life and family, and as our friendship grew so did the bond of brotherhood.
        There are soooooo many amazing memories that I will carry with me Matt……You will always be my 6am brandy and jaffa cake buddy…….Rest easy Mattieboiwoops……X

  13. Melody Briggs

    Matt, never thought we would have to write this. You will be so missed. R.I.p. Mel and vicky. Xx

  14. Roman Dabrowa

    RIP Mate, such great memories of you at my first Glastonbury festival!!
    And obviously you watching me walking across Leslie avenue park first thing in the morning after a night shift at Taunton Cider laughing your head off!!!
    Never forget that laugh!! X

  15. Adam Barnes

    Words can not describe the loss I feel! You have been a true friend and will never truly be gone because you will live on in all of our hearts and the memories are unforgettable! We all love you brother xxxx

  16. Laura Honeybun

    Rest easy big man!! I’ll always remember you as someone with the biggest of hearts. You lived life to the full mate. Thinking of your family and all that loved you. Love Laura and Russ xx

  17. Lisa

    Matt didn’t know you for long but you was the nicest bloke I met you always made me laugh and you will be missed very much by loads sleep well Angel look after my Nat up there you beaut party hard ❤️

  18. Venya Hughes

    Matty, I can’t remember a time before you and I can’t quite comprehend a time after you. Thank you for always being there and bringing so much love into my life and the lives of everyone around you. You’ll never, ever be forgotten.

  19. Serena

    Thank you for the memories never forgotten xxx

  20. Kelly

    Matty B, true ledgend that’s left everyone’s heart broken but are greatful for the memories we share with you. I’d say rest easy up there but we all know you’ll do the opposite and be partying away like how everyone will remember you by. But RIP buddy and sleep well xxxx

    • Derrick

      Matty B!! You are one of the very best humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and to hear you are no longer with is saddens me so much, its unbelievable.
      I’d like to offer my condolences to all your family and close friends.
      Lots of love bro x

  21. Jordan Cullen

    Matty B, so sorry to hear that you are gone. You really did have a big heart and a wicked sense of humour. I will always look back and smile and laugh about all the good times we spent together partying. Thinking of you and those closest to you today. See you on the other side old friend.

  22. Doz

    Matty b matty b matty b, I love you. This world has been deprived of a unique loving giving soul and the funniest man i ever met. , I miss you mate.

  23. Roo

    Matty! A truly genuine, salt of the earth beautiful human!! You spread smiles and gave joy. I will never forget how at ease and accepted you made everyone feel and your were always ready for a good laugh. I’m gutted we havnt hung out so recently. But I hope to see you in the sky sometime. Dancing for you. From “your well travelled friend”

  24. Alex

    You will be greatly missed. And were a truely lovely bloke. Take care until we meet again. Lots of love ❤️ xxx

  25. Sherre

    Rip Matty your gonna be missed so much you was a top bloke ❤️ Party hard up there 💙💔💙

  26. Kila

    Matty Boy where do I start? From meeting you when I was just a youngster, watching you fall in love and get married? Going through the bad times and remaining friends throughout, I’ve been there through all of it with you. Although we weren’t as constant the last couple of years, we would always chat online and you were always there. Always keeping you updating about the girls, who will miss you terribly. I’m sorry I was busy at times and not about as much at gatherings, but I alwaysI will always remember your kindness and that laugh, you would always know when you were about by that laugh! So many memories Matty Boy, I will hold them dear until we meet again! Sleep well and party on forever! Kila, Graham, Kadie-Kay and Kaitlyn XXXX

  27. Craig perry

    Can’t believe your gone buddy Rest in peace Matty boi

    Till we meet again mate

  28. Dan b

    Sleep well matty b thanks for all memories and for the places we ended up when partying we really did rock it mate nothing is for sure in life but with you it was always one hell of a ride until we meet again my friend party on Matty b love you dude xxxxx

  29. Michelle Binding

    RIP Matty B , gone to soon , never forgotten, life and solo of any party, definitely knew how to party, till will meet again x

  30. Jay

    Matty boy (whoops) ha, your addition to your name will always make me smile…
    I shall never forget when we first meet.. We just clicked and was like I had know you forever.
    I’m so grateful to have had you in my life, you certainly brighten it up, we had so many wicked times, so many to remember, there was never a dull moment with you and I’ll shall keep that with me for all eternity.
    You offered me support when times were really hard, especially with my boy , you took it upon yourself to make sure he knew he could confide in you and again I am eternally grateful for that, and telling me how very proud you were of Jess when you worked with her….
    God Matty, you were our best man at my wedding, you weren’t just a best man Matty, you were and still are family. There will always been a special place in my heart . For the soul I thought would be here forever.
    I just want you to know how much you are going to be missed and how much we all love you.

    RIP Matty (aka… my Bro)
    With much much love and huge hugs
    Jay (aka… Sis)

  31. Jade

    I’ll miss you big man.
    All my love xxxx

  32. Suzy

    Matty B, what a man you were. The weekend I met you I will never forget, we partied so hard and laughed even harder and I knew I’d made a friend for life. You were such a kind man with a wicked sense of humour and an energy for life that made you younger than your years. You were the definition of living your life to the max and I was so lucky to call you my friend. I’ll see you on the other side.. much love, night Matty xxxx

  33. Sharon

    Matty B you always called me Sharrrroooooon, the queen of fucking everything. Well you my dear friend were the king of parties, festivals, laughter, naughtiness and the last time I met you, bumming! You were kind and special. You took the time after that crazy weekend to text me to say how good it was to see me and that you and Gyps would come visit soon. I wish you could. Sweet dreams mate ❤️

    • Suzy

      This is a memorial page to a dear friend who died too young. Be a decent human and delete this shit please. If Matty was here he’d melt jelly babies into your best shoes

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