Rowland James Hannell

March 28th 1957 – April 9th 2022

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Rowland James Hannell (Rolz) passed away in Southampton General Hospital on April 9th 2022 aged 65.
He was born in Uxbridge Middlesex, along with his twin brother, on March 28th 1957.
He was preceded in death by his parents, younger brother and brother in-law.
He is survived by his three daughters, Alison, Claire and Emily, grandchildren Amy and Charlie, his sisters Marilyn and Jaqueline and his twin brother Raymond.
He was a printer by trade and a talented drummer.


  1. Jaquie Butler

    Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

    Lots of happy and fun memories of our younger days. I’ll always remember you singing the high part in our rendition of ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’ from the film Snow White because I couldn’t reach those high notes!
    I’ll miss you calling me Jax and I’ll always think of you every time I stir the pot exactly 19 times’
    Rest peacefully Row, love you.

  2. Emily Hannell

    I always thought you were just the most fun. One of my favourite memories is finding a rock in your garden that looked exactly like a potato, as if that wasn’t fascinating enough for me as a small child you opted to chop it in half with an axe (who else would try to chop a rock in half with an axe?) and inside it was filled with crystals! You could always find the magic in the mundane and that is what I’ll always remember about you.

  3. Ali Kendall

    “Twilight and evening bell
    And after that the dark
    Any may there be no sadness of farewell
    When I embark
    For tho’ out our bourne of Time and Place
    The flood may bear me far
    I hope to see my Pilot face to face
    When I have crost the bar”

    Rest in peace, and I hope you are now with your Mum, Dad and brother
    I’ll always remember your cheeky smile, love Ali

  4. Ray and Sheila Hannell

    When the day starts without you bruv we are never far apart.
    So each time we think of you, you are right here in our heart.
    Rest In Peace, love, Ray and Sheila

  5. Jaye Huggett

    Uncle Rowland, I have good memories of you coming to 101 to stay with us at Christmas and some fun times we had at 1188.
    I hope you’re up there with Vaughan and my dad having a laugh and drinking cups of tea. Grandma Bubbles and Grandad Ken will be so happy to see you too. Rest well, Jaye ❤️

  6. Claire Caven

    I remember thinking you were always such a cool dad, playing the drums and driving your mad bond bug. I loved getting driven about in it and thought I must be the envy of all of my school friends if they saw me in it.
    I think I must have inherited my love of tea from you, as I remember you being ‘gasping for a cuppa’ pretty much after you had finished taking the last sip of the last cup you had.
    Rest in peach and I hope you are playing the drums and making people smile up there.
    Love Claire bear

  7. Natalie

    My memories of Uncle Row are mainly funny ones. Usually with him doing something a little bit crazy. When I think of him I remember him driving the Bug car or his motorbike, always rolling a cigarette & always making tea. I used to love going to stay at my cousins house or just visiting & we were all together a lot when we were younger. As years went on Row was a regular around Uxbridge & pretty soon even my friends would see him out & about the town & yell out ‘Hello Uncle Rowland!’
    He seemed to be known by many people & no body ever said a bad word about him. He definitely was a kind man who took in any waif and stray if they needed help. Often, sadly to his detriment. But I don’t think he could help it. He would always try to help everyone even when he was the one who probably needed help the most.
    But I think my most favourite memory is the one where Row & his twin brother Ray went missing for a few hours one Saturday afternoon. My Mum (their sister) was out looking for the pair & when she finally found them they were staggering down the road holding each other up. Later Row told my Mum that the only reason he was absolutely smashed drunk was that he’d been trying to keep Ray from drinking so in turn had been drinking his drinks before Ray could get hold of them. He obviously wasn’t doing a very good job of it because both brothers were equally legless. Safe to say my Mum was not amused & yelled at them with a sentence I can’t write on here, to which Ray looks up & asks Row ‘who’s that Bruv?’ To which Row solemnly responded ‘it’s our sister Bruv’
    At the time not too funny for my Mum but we have told that story many times & laughed a lot about that day.
    I think Uncle Row is now back in the arms of his parents & younger brother Vaughan, I hope so anyway. Probably making a cuppa tea & a rolling a cigarette..
    Rest In Peace Uncle Row.

  8. Sue

    To my very special friend ..
    We lost touch with each other for many years, but then I found you again and came to visit you and your family in America.
    From that moment at the airport it was like we were 16 again and spent the next week laughing and joking until the early hours of the morning, it was wonderful.
    You took me to your meetings where I could see so much love between you all, that is a time I will never forget.
    Big hugs to you, will always love you
    Sue xxxx

  9. Catherine Griffin

    Although we were apart I always knew you were there. We had some good times together when we were young. I remember all the fun times we had on our camping holidays and Christmas with the family. The best is our three lovely girls, Ali, Claire and Emily.
    I hope you are at peace now with your Mum and Dad and Vaughan and Kev. God bless you.

    Cathy x

  10. Claire caven

    A memory from one of my school friends:
    I vividly remember the mad three wheeler in the driveway and my dad playing the guitar while your dad played the drums when we were meant to be getting home in time for dinner…my mum was probably fuming somewhere at the other end of Shrewton. I remember your dad as being very funny and such a character.

  11. Jane Hoskins

    I was always impressed by your skill as a drummer. I remember going to an event in Shrewton where you were playing with a band that did ‘La Bamba’. We all loved it, but Adam (who was just a little boy at the time) was particularly taken with it! Rest in peace, Rowland.

  12. Phil

    Sadly I never heard Rowland play the drums but I loved the music he listened to back in the day (and I still do). I always enjoyed his company, he was so easy to get on with and maybe a little bit eccentric. I went on a couple of holidays with him and the family. I remember one time we did a bit of wild camping and we enjoyed sitting round this enormous camp fire he had made, in the dark The next day when we got up we noticed that the sparks from the campfire had burnt thousands of little holes in the tent. He always had good stories to tell even if you suspected some of them had been slightly embellished. He also coined a couple of good phrases which stay with me after all these years. My favourite one is when he was supposed to be mowing the lawn, but he kept putting it off, so the day gradually slipped away until it got dark and it was too late. “Beaten by the light” as he put it. Rest in peace my old friend.

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