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How a Simple “Cremation Only” service works.

Whatever the circumstances are that have led you to this choice, you can be absolutely confident that we will treat everyone who comes into our care with the utmost respect and dignity.   We are a professional Funeral Director company (a part of Oak Funeral Services Ltd) and not a pure cremation internet business.

The price of the Direct Cremation is kept low because we can pass on the cost benefits of the savings the Crematorium offer when booking an early morning service time – usually before 10.00 am.


When the time comes that you have need of our services, you need only make a phone call to our offices (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on 01984 248006.

If the person has died at home, we will arrange to send a team out to you straight away or at a time that is convenient for you, just as soon as the Doctor or a qualified person has medically confirmed the death.


…Remember, there is nothing wrong with keeping your loved one with you for a time if you wish. You may like to wash them, prepare some clothes, or simply sit with them for a time to say your personal goodbyes.


If your loved one has died in a hospital, hospice or is under the care of the Coroner, we will make contact with the appropriate team to arrange a time to bring him or her into our care as soon as possible.


Very occasionally, when someone has passed away in a care home or nursing home ‘out of hours’ we may need to wait for their own GP to see them to confirm the death and to complete the medical cremation certificate.    In these cases, we may ask a local funeral director to look after your loved one until their GP has been able to visit. Depending on the local Funeral Director’s fees there may be an additional cost of up to £98 maximum.


Once this is done, we will meet you to complete the “Application For Cremation” form and collect from you the registrars’ “Green Form” – this is the registrars authority for cremation which you will be given when the death is formally registered.

Depending on distance, we may sometimes complete this paperwork by registered post.

When we have the completed forms and medical certificates from the Doctors or Coroner, we will then arrange a date and time for the cremation.  We will of course let you know exactly when this will be so that if you wish, you can pause for a few moments to send your thoughts or make arrangements to join us at the crematorium.


Whist in our care, everyone is treated with exactly the same level of care and respect that we would show all our clients.
Each person is laid out, washed and dressed as per your wishes.   They are then laid into a wooden coffin, fully fitted with handles, lining and pillow.  A formal nameplate is fixed to the lid which can be personalised as you would like.


On the morning of the cremation, we will make our way to the crematorium at the appointed time. We will carry the coffin into the chapel and place it upon the catafalque.  If there is a particular piece of music you would like played, any words or perhaps a poem that you would like our Director to say on your behalf, these will be made at this time.
And of course you are welcome to join us there if you wish.

We will then pay our own respects, close the curtains and depart.

The following day, we will return to collect the ashes on your behalf unless you have asked for these to be scattered in the Crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance.

If you would like us to return the ashes to you, we will be happy to do so.  There may be a small charge depending on the distance to be travelled.

You can also choose from our range of Urns, Caskets or Scatter Tubes if you would prefer the ashes to be placed in something more dignified and personal than the plastic urn supplied by the crematorium.


You will undoubtedly have many more questions than have been answered here, so please download our free gift to you:


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