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Welcome to South West Cremation Services.

We understand that losing someone that you love can be a deeply emotional and traumatic time. Sometimes, either for financial reasons or personal preference, a simpler option may be preferred rather than the more traditional funeral.

With our simple cremation service, we will bring the person who has died into our care, look after all the administration and legal paperwork for you, and make the necessary arrangements with the local crematorium.

This allows you time to adjust to your loss and plan for a family gathering to remember and celebrate your loved one’s life with your own commemoration, or perhaps simply look after or scatter their ashes as you wish.

We offer this service not only in our local area but anywhere across the South and West region of the country.

This cost of this service is only £1,200 and is completely inclusive of all fees; including a simple but dignified coffin with an oak veneer, fully dressed with handles, lining and nameplate, including all Doctors and Crematorium fees plus our own professional services.

The coffin we provide is made from FSC certified sources and contains no chemicals harmful to the environment.

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Please accept as our free gift to you, our booklet which will lead you through everything you need to know about:

“What To Do When Someone Dies  – Including much that a traditional funeral director will never tell you